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Summer Up Program

Summer Up Program

June 30, 2014- Aug. 8, 2014

@ UC Merced Campus


Jump Start Your Future Here!


Why should you apply to Summer Up?

  • Save money on college courses
  • Be in transferable math your first semester of college
  • Transfer in a timely manner
  • Received financial advice
  • Meet with a UC Transfer Adviser one-on-one
  • Sharpen your study habits for college
  • Received tutoring from a UC student successful in math
  • Visit other UC campuses
  • Network with professionals to begin thinking about your future!


Why Summer Up was created?

This year the UC Transfer Initiative Program (TIP) team will be working closely with Merced College to provide a program called Summer Up. We want to support highly motivated seniors in achieving their transfer goal in a timely manner. We understand that courses at the community college can be difficult to get into for first time college students and that is why we are offering this program to high school students entering Merced College this Fall. 


What is Summer Up?

The Summer Up program is a six week long and provides both online math instruction and in-class instruction supported by a Merced College math faculty and UC Merced teaching assistants.  Please note that this program is only for students who placed into the Math C course at Merced College.  Participants will automatically be enrolled in the Fall for a college level transferable math courses once accepted into the Summer Up program.  Their space in the college leve transferable math course can only be secured by their successful completion of the Summer Up program.  Students must complete all online course work and meet with the faculty and TA at designated times and dates.


Students must complete a Pre-Math diagnostic exam before the program and Post-Math diagnostic exam after the program to complete the six week course. The math diagnostic is not a test and will not be the final measurement of a students success. The math diagnostic was designed to help the teacher understand where the student's areas of needs are in regards to math and help measure the improvement in those areas. 


Transportation for field trips and all meals will be paid for through the Summer Up program.  All we ask is that students provide their own transportation to UC Merced for the six week program. 


Click here if you would like to sign up for the Summer Up Program. Application deadline is June 1, 2014. You will be notified by May 1st of your acceptance into the program. Please contact Kia Vue at or 209-228-4252 if you have questions.