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Summer Transfer Academy & Resources for Success (STARS)

Process of Notification: All students will be notified by May 30,2014 whether they will be offered a seat in the STARS Program. Students will then be mailed the appropriate paper work and must sign and return it by June 13th. Students are responsible for their own transportation to and from the campus. Before you begin your application you will need an unofficial copy of your high school transcript. You may scan the transcript and upload it at the end of the application or you can mail it to:


Office of Admission

5200 N. Lake Road

Merced, CA 95343

Attn: STARS Program


ALL APPLICATIONS MUST BE RECEIVED BY MAY 23rd at 5:00PM. Faxed in applications will be accepted. Please sent fax to (209) 228-4665.


Please complete the following:

In order for your application to be complete you must print and sign the UC ERA Waiver, then upload it at the bottom of this application. You can mail the UC ERA Waiver to: 5200 N. Lake Road, Merced, CA 95343 or fax it to (209) 228-4665 if you don't have access to a scanner, however we must received it before May 23rd.


Your current high school that you are attending.

Please specify if you speak another language other than english.

Please answer the following 3 questions in no more than 400 words.
1. What is your long term educational/career goal?
2. Why is community college a great option for you?
3. What are some challenges you might have in getting to college?