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Summer Up Program Application

The Summer Up Program is designed to help students who are highly motivated to pursue the transfer route matriculate in a timely manner out of community college and into the University of their choice.  We work closely with Merced College to secure students a spot in a transferrable math course that will align with the career they select below.  In completing this application students must understand that they can only secure their spot in the transferrable math course for Fall 2014 by successfully completing the 6 week online math course and participating in the Summer Up program activities at UC Merced.  Students must download this document, print, sign and upload it at the end of the application or  ask their high school to fax it back to us at 209-228-4244 by June 1, 2014 to secure the completion of their application. Student will be notified on May 1st via the email and phone number they provide below of their acceptance in the Summer Up Program. 


Students who are accepted into the Summer Up program must take a required math diagnostic at UC Merced. The diagnostic is not a test, but rather a tool to help the teach align his teaching and curriculum around what you the student need support in. At the bottom of this application are will be asked to indicate which dates you will be able to attend the math diagnostic.  We will contact you after you apply to confirm the date and time you will be taking the math diagnostic. It will only take up to 2 hours to complete the diagnostic. 


The Summer Up Program application closes on June 1, 2014 at 5pm. For more information or questions, please do not hesitate to contact Kia Vue at 209-228-4252 or

Ex: 1234 E. Merced St. Apt#5
Ex: 209-222-2222
Ex: 209-222-2222
CompletedNot Completed
Submitted a FAFSA Application
Applied for EOP&S
Completed a Financial Aid Verficiation Packet from Merced College
Merced College Student Planning Workshop
Can attendCannot attend
Friday, June 13 @ 4PM
Saturday, June 14 @ 10AM
None- Select "Cannot Attend" so we know you cannot attend any.