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Contact Information


Kia Vue

Assistant Director of Transfer Initiatives


Hometown: Fresno, CA

College: UC Santa Cruz

Major: Sociology

Why is pursuing Higher Education important to you?
I believe that knowledge is power. When you surround yourself with people who are motivated and passionate about what they are doing with their life, you can't help but be inspired and excited about the future you are creating for yourself as well.


Karla Ayala

ERA Program Adviser

Hometown:Paramount, CA

College: UC Merced

Major: Psychology

Why is pursuing higher education important to you?

To gain knowledge and to be an asset to your community. Higher education helps not only yourself, but those who don't have the means to help themselves. 


Albert Martins

Transfer Adviser


Hometown: Turlock, CA

College: CSU Stanislaus

Major: Kinesiology B.A., Education M.A.

Why is pursuing higher education important to you?

Higher education allows students to continue developing to reach their highest potential. It provides an opportunity to expand their knowledge and create a future livelihood that they had always aspired for.